Australian firm Solpod delivers solar for business in a more cost-effective and commercially flexible way through their prefabricated solar pods. These solar pods are efficient to redeploy and can be rented short-term, making them a cost-effective solution for those who rent. We spoke to James Larratt, CEO at Solpod, on why the company was founded and how they are making it easier for businesses to think solar. 


Can you tell us a bit about the company and its founders?

Solpod was established by experienced solar executives to solve the disjoint between businesses making decisions on a three-to-five-year horizon, and the 30-year operating life of rooftop solar. The team previously developed utility solar projects and is one of Australia’s leading rooftop solar companies.

How does your solution contribute to the Digitalisation and Decarbonisation of the energy sector?

Solpod makes it easier for businesses to access the benefits of solar. Businesses can purchase or rent our pods for terms as short as three years, saving dollars and emissions. Solar generation is carbon-free and increasingly lower cost than the electricity grid. Our innovation presents solar in a form that works for most businesses who make their decisions on a three- to five-year horizon.

What is your company’s proudest achievement to date?

We’ve installed in the remote outback of Australia and Google’s office on Sydney Harbour.  However, my personal favourite project involved us enabling Bentspoke Brewery to achieve their sustainability ambitions. Bentspoke rent their properties and would not have otherwise been able to access the benefits of solar until we provided our rental solution. Bentspoke now save on electricity and emissions with the rental agreement rolling on for as long as it works for them. We installed 140kWp of pods across two sites in just a few hours of lifting.  It’s a great example of how the technology and commercial solution has unlocked an otherwise untapped market.  

What specifically attracts you about the prospect of expanding to the Japanese market?

The Japanese market has large aspirations for embedded solar generation, has relatively high on-site labour costs (which Solpod substantially reduces) and has a history of being innovators and early adopters.

How will your solution/product help advance the Japanese energy sector?

Our product will enable a greater take-up of solar by businesses who rent their premises.