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The Future of Energy is being built today. As we move to a world where energy is decentralised, digitalised, and decarbonised, there are opportunities for financial investment and business collaboration emerging at every step.

Our Ventures programme acts as a pipeline for the best investment and collaboration opportunities in the space. Each month we present 1-3 of the world’s most promising energy & sustainability startups in a live, long-form webinar format where we provide exclusive access to demos, investment announcements, and collaboration opportunities. Subscribers also gain access to research reports custom-made for each startup to kickstart their due diligence, and facilitated matchmaking to explore opportunities further. The programme has led to significant investment for several of our ventures, as well as pilot projects and sales agreements between our Subscribers and ventures.

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Ready to Expand

We invite startups who are scaleup-stage and ready for international expansion. Typically, they have reached Series B+ (>$10M raised), >25 staff, >$1M annual revenue, and are actively looking to grow internationally with the right partners and clients.

Exclusive Content

Our format is unique in that it involves deep-dive presentations with exclusive, premium, and industry-specific content. We don’t believe the “5-minute pitch” is enough to convey the full scope of many companies. Instead, our presentations are typically 30-45 minutes and the presenting startups are asked to share demos, collaboration proposals, and early investor announcements, allowing for a first-hand and exclusive look.

Personalised Matchmaking

Our service does not end at the presentation – we facilitate matchmaking and arrangements for private follow-on meetings to ensure every opportunity is explored. We blend the best of online and in-person business approaches and take pride in helping take these conversations further, sign deals, and make press announcements.

What's Included in a Subscriber Package

Deep-Dive Webinars

40-minute presentations with demos, investment opportunities, and live Q&A broadcasted in English and Japanese

Monthly Newsletter

Discover the latest news and technology developments in the international energy sector

Database Access

Detailed financial and product information prepared individually for each startup venture accessible on demand

Scouting Reports

Briefs of all presenting companies provided in advance of the webinar to kickstart your research

In-Depth Analysis

Request tailored reports and investigative interviews on the most state-of-the-art clean energy tech

Facilitated 1-to-1 Meetings

Book time to privately engage with our presenters to discuss specific questions, ideas and potential collaborations

The Summit

Network, connect and exchange ideas with other energy leaders, investors and decision makers at our conference


What criteria do you use to scout and select presenters?
In order of importance, we assess:

  1. Subscribers’ interest in a specific technology area
  2. Ventures’ traction achieved to date, measured from investment size, sales volume, and number of employees
  3. The quality of a technology demonstration

How do you make sure that you take into account my interests and priorities in your venture selection and webinar schedule?
Every year we conduct a market research study to inform our subscribers of investment trends. We survey all subscribers when they join to understand their interest in these trends, as well as seek feedback from our subscribers on the type of ventures they are interested in (investment stage, geography, etc.). The results of this survey, as well as ongoing monitoring of engagement, ensure that all subscribers are satisfied with the selection.

  Which geographical areas do you look into for your venture selection?
Typically, we focus on Europe and North America as these are the areas with the largest amount of investment activity. However, this does not exclude participation from other areas, and in the past, we have included ventures from Israel, Australia, China, and Japan.

What is your webinar format?
Each webinar lasts approximately 40 minutes and is split into three components, as follows:

  1. Company overview based on our deep-dive report covered by our team (10 minutes)
  2. Venture presentation covering demos, case studies, collaboration proposals, and investment announcements (20 minutes)
  3. Live Q&A with questions from the audience (10 minutes)

I am very interested in the upcoming webinar, but I will not be able to attend due to other commitments. Will you make the recording available?
Yes – the webinar recording alongside other material will be made available and distributed after the webinar to all subscribers. It will remain accessible as long as your subscription is active.

What is the methodology behind your ‘deep-dive reports’? Are these based on your own opinions/analysis?
Our deep-dive reports cover elements that are standard for investment due diligence, including market sizing, technology overview, competitive assessment, financial background, and more. Our reports include both publicly-available and confidential information provided by the venture. Prior to our webinars, we conduct interviews with each venture to ensure that our understanding in all sections is correct and give them the chance to suggest corrections, but the ultimate report is made at the discretion of the ENECHANGE Insight Ventures team.

Following the webinar, we still would like to find out more about the ventures. Is it possible to ask additional questions to the presenters?
Yes – if you have any follow-up questions we will aggregate these and collect the answers. If you would like to arrange meetings or calls with the team directly, you can use a Connection Credit and your account manager will facilitate that process and make any other bespoke arrangements to help you connect with ventures of interest.

What is your relationship with the ventures?
Generally, we have few formal ties with the ventures prior to participation (though we frequently know them personally as many come from our professional networks). Participation is free of charge for the ventures, though they do bear their own costs for travel to the summits when in person. The programme acts as a pipeline for our affiliated venture capital fund (Japan Energy Fund) but investment is neither a guarantee nor a prerequisite for participation.

We would like to invest in one venture. Will you charge us any additional fees?
There are no additional fees if you choose to invest. Should you require any additional consultative or support work, we may conduct a separate engagement.*

I have changed my mind and would like to unsubscribe from ENECHANGE Insight Ventures. What do I need to do?
Subscribers can unsubscribe from ENECHANGE Insight Ventures at any time after giving a minimum of 3-months’ cancellation notice. 

* Support to be discussed and agreed with EIV team

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We welcome corporates and investors interested in energy tech innovation regardless of their sector, size or geographical location.

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