ENECHANGE Insight Renewables

ENECHANGE Insight Renewables is a professional renewable energy systems investment platform with main offices in London, Tokyo, and Beirut; managed and operated by ENECHANGE. Our team has consultants based in the USA, Europe, West Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and Australia, supporting our network.
We provide market insight and premium access to attractive RE projects. We support our clients and partners through investment match-making, providing knowledge products, and closing gaps within the renewable energy value chain.

What We Offer

Our Platform

Get access to our database of opportunities under our premium-access platform where our team will help you connect to new renewable energy partners.

EIR Talks 

Our video-on-demand service hosts international developers, market analysts, and investors to share knowledge and build unique relationships.

Specialist Talks

This webinar series offers tech providers and startups a stage to showcase their innovations, share knowledge on emerging tech, and engage with experts and fellow participants.

Annual Summit

Our in-person annual summit is tailored to building bilateral and multilateral business opportunities.

Our Platform

capacity of projects available for investment
number of projects available for investment

Our Objective

We aim to take the lead as the main catalyst that bridges investors, mainly Japanese firms, with renewable energy companies and projects worldwide.

We are driven by a sense of responsibility to help ensure a more sustainable and equitable environment for all. 

Leveraging our partnerships and know-how, we utilise leading-edge technology and business models to support the global energy transition.

Why Join


As an investor, joining EIR will help you:

  • Build new long-term relationships
  • Get premium access to renewable energy investment opportunities
  • Receive detailed market insights
  • Grow your operations and capital.
Contact us to know more about our services.
Types of Investors
  • Utilities
  • Energy Companies
  • Trading Houses
  • Financial Institutions
  • Other Industries


As a developer, joining EIR will enable you to connect with investors, co-developers, and solution providers, and will help you:

  • Build new long-term relationships
  • Get access to competitive equity and debt
  • Grow your operations and capital.
Contact us to know more about how we can collaborate.

Solution Provider

As a solution provider, joining EIR will enable you to market your solutions directly to your target audience through our platform, and will help you:

  • Build new long-term relationships
  • Get access to competitive opportunities
  • Grow your operations and capital.
Contact us to know more about how we can collaborate.

Past EIR Talks

Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities and Market Analysis in Various Regions

  2023 2022 2021 2020
Jan Australia South Asia & South Africa Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & Vietnam
Feb Italy South Asia, Eastern Europe USA
Mar Poland South East Asia Philippines & Taiwan
Apr UAE USA & Philippines Australia & Vietnam
May MENA Brazil Europe, LATAM & APAC
Jun Brazil  USA & Asia  USA & Australia
Jul Philippines Spain Philippines & Indonesia
Aug United States Italy & SouthEast Asia  Philippines, Indonesia & Vietnam
Sep Philippines Indonesia & Poland UK, Italy, Cambodia
Oct Dominican Republic & Turkey Indonesia UK, Australia & Germany  (EIR Start)

Italy & Europe Fund Portfolio

Nov Vietnam Battery Storage Korea, Italy, Brazil, Australia Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, Philippines & Taiwan
Dec United Kingdom & United States MENA & Europe 1. Green Hydrogen

2. EU & MENA

Solar PV & Wind in USA

Join Us!

We welcome corporates and investors interested in renewable energy investment regardless of their sector, size, or geographical location.

We also welcome developers/asset owners/investment funds interested in raising capital for their investment opportunities.