Alumni & winners

2022 (1H) Cohort


NEXT Energy Technologies produces a proprietary transparent photovoltaic (PV) coating that transforms windows into energy-producing solar panels.

Peak Power offers software, Peak Synergy, that has the ability to forecast peak events, optimise distributed energy resources (DERs) and integrate them to supply energy during peak events.

Qnovo offers battery-enhancing management software for customers in the electric vehicles, energy storage systems and consumer electronics industries.


Energy Dome provides a large-scale, long-duration energy storage solution, which manipulates and stores CO2 under different conditions & can absorb from and discharge to the grid.

ESG Book provides customers with sustainability and ESG data on 25,000+ public companies through its cloud-based API platform.

Hydrostor has developed an innovative long-duration energy storage solution through its proprietary Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) technology.

Moovit is the creator of the #1 urban mobility app, and helps organisations to plan, operate and optimise their transportation network.

Mote has developed a technology that creates clean hydrogen from wood waste while capturing carbon from the air.

Prisma Photonics provides a solution that utilises machine learning algorithms to monitor large-scale critical infrastructure.

Resilient Power provides solid-state, plug-and-play technology that mitigates the complexity of harnessing power from the grid at a lower cost, footprint and timespan.

Sylvera offers a carbon intelligence platform that helps its users to analyse and invest in high-quality carbon credits.

Voltaiq has developed the world’s first Enterprise Battery Intelligence Platform combining SaaS, deep electrochemistry expertise, and large-scale data analytics.

Vutility offers smart metering solutions that deliver real-time energy data with an instant and non-intrusive install.

ZincFive is the leader in producing nickel-zinc (NiZn) battery-based solutions, which are a safe, sustainable and lower-cost alternative.

ZipCharge has developed a portable EV charging solution to tackle charging anxiety and increase EV adoption, while simultaneously functioning as a smart energy storage device.

2021 (2H) Cohort


AmpUp‘s EV charging platform enables drivers, hosts, and fleets to charge and manage their stations seamlessly.

Svante was founded with the goal to make carbon capture solutions for hard-to-abate industries, offering non-intrusive end-of-the-pipe solutions for existing industrial infrastructure.

Swobbee offers a swappable battery service and cloud software platform catered for the micro-mobility sector.


AFC Energy develops alkaline fuel cell systems for the generation of sustainable off-grid clean energy at low operating costs.

Autofleet provides fleet managers with a platform to optimise existing mobility operations and leverage underutilised vehicles.

Circularise has created a blockchain platform for sustainable supply chain management (SCM) with the purpose of improving transparency and traceability across complex supply chains.

DABBEL is the developer of an AI software add-on that replaces the manual control of existing building management systems, delivering up to 40% energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction.

eleXsys integrates AI software with a smart hardware unit that fixes the fundamental one-way ‘physics’ of the grid.

H2B2 is a developer of modular electrolysers for commercial use in a range of size capacities.

HySiLabs is the developer of HydroSil, a patented liquid inorganic hydrogen carrier that facilitates hydrogen transportation economically.

Natel Energy offers both their proprietary, fish-safe Restoration Hydro Turbine and a SaaS solution called HydroForecast.

Sierra Energy turns waste into energy without burning through its gasification technology that can produce a range of renewable fuels.

Steadysun provides energy and weather forecasting, observation and consultation services designed to mitigate incurred costs of variability.

WindESCo has developed a solution that leverages intelligent sensor technology and machine learning for industrial-scale wind farms.

Zeigo offers the Zeigo Platform, which facilitates the access and transaction for corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in a transparent and simple marketplace.

2021 (1H) Cohort

Honourees offers electric vehicle (EV) smart charging software services. Their platform allows for savings on the cost of EV charging, as well as automatic control and integration with charging hardware, at home and on the go.

Leap provides a marketplace enabling cloud-connected flexible loads to participate in wholesale energy markets and earn revenue by helping to balance the grid.

Persefoni provides carbon management solutions that help organisations and financial institutions measure their carbon footprint across their operations and portfolios.


Akselos provides real-time predictive digital twins for large asset integrity management. Their software monitors the structural condition of critical infrastructure by combining next-gen simulation software with sensors and data analytics.

BlocPower’s building monitoring platform performs digital building assessments for clean energy projects, saving customers up to 70% on annual energy costs.

Clobotics offers wind turbine inspection and consultancy services to utilities, energy companies, wind farm owners and manufacturers across Europe and Asia.

Eliq is a SaaS provider of a customer engagement and energy insights platform for the utility industry. Eliq’s platform combines energy data and artificial intelligence to deliver descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive and predictive analytics.

Enerbrain turns wasteful buildings into smarter, healthier & more sustainable ones. Their smart retrofit system uses IoT solutions and algorithms in the cloud to optimise energy usage in real-time allowing 30% operational savings.

Enevate’s proprietary battery cell technology utilises silicon-dominant anodes with a multi-layer design to provide high energy density, low-temperature operation (up to -20˚C) and charging times of 5 minutes.

eSmart Systems builds and delivers next-generation, AI-powered software solutions for powerline inspections, grid maintenance planning, and optimising energy flexibility.

Gecko Robotics develops and operates wall-climbing robots to automate inspections for infrastructure and industrial assets – power, oil & gas, pulp & paper.

Grid Beyond operates in the smart grid space, offering demand side response (DSR) & energy services for industrials & commercial organisations.

Lithion Recycling has developed an efficient and cost-effective process to recover up to 95% of strategic materials from end-of-life and production waste of lithium-ion batteries.

MaaS Global has developed a mobile application, Whim, to advance the concept of mobility-as-a-service and offer a true alternative to car ownership by being able to access a variety of transport services through a single point of contact.

Rovco provides subsea robotics to maritime and offshore energy industries; Vaarst provides cloud software and a machine learning platform designed for subsea robotics.

Solpod is a manufacturer of solar mounting products and solutions. Their products are designed for businesses that rent buildings for a shorter time period: they provide rentable, re-deployable solar arrays that can be installed in a day.

Sympower is a demand response aggregator providing software solutions that enhance the value of energy assets by enabling them to participate in the balancing markets and generate new revenue streams. operates an online trading platform for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) allowing renewable energy buyers and sellers to transact locally, cross-border and globally, eliminating the need for intermediate brokering.

TWAICE Technologies GmbH provides predictive analytics software that optimises the development and operation of lithium-ion batteries, combining deep battery knowledge and artificial intelligence to determine the condition and performance of batteries.

Witricity develops and commercialises safe and efficient wireless power transfer over distance using magnetic resonance technology.

VIA’s AI platform automates data privacy, data integration, and data analysis for the energy ecosystem, enabling secure analysis of data that has been ‘trapped’.

2020 Cohort


Enbala Power Networks develops and deploys software that aggregates customer electricity demand, along with energy storage and renewable energy sources, to create a network of continuously optimized distributed energy sources.

FreeWire Technologies provides smart battery systems for EV charging and mobile distributed power. It provides clean, quiet mobile power, and fast charging that’s available and easy to deploy.

OhmConnect provides home energy management solutions via smart meter analytics and energy market integration. Their platform enables residential users to sell their energy reductions directly into energy markets via demand response.


Ambri is a US company developing a liquid metal battery and spin out from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) materials research. The batteries were conceived by MIT’s Professor Donald Sadoway who has taught Materials Science for over 40 years.

Breeze Technologies provides hyperlocal air quality and climate data through smart, affordable indoor and outdoor sensors, as well as actionable environmental intelligence for corporates and cities.

Driivz provides a smart cloud-based platform that spans EV charging operations, energy management, bespoke billing and roaming capabilities, home, public and workplace charging, and driver self- service tools.

GreenSync builds software that allows resources like solar, battery storage and electric vehicle chargers to help deliver ever more affordable, reliable, renewable electricity for us all.

METRON is a AI company that helps industrial clients leverage untapped industrial data and connect to decentralized energy resources, thus fostering the emergence of the Internet of Energy.

ONO is a Berlin based e-mobility company offering a whole new light electric vehicle: The ONO Pedal Assisted Transporter.  The vehicle allows for a more efficient delivery of goods in urban environments.

Origami Energy‘s platform brings together real-time data from physical assets and commercial markets to unlock new value, and accelerate our transition to a cleaner, more reliable and efficient global energy system.

Pexapark provides software for better renewable energy sales. Their tools enable portfolio management, lower transaction costs and better risk control.

Power to Hydrogen is commercializing an advanced reversible fuel cell technology to cost effectively and efficiently convert electricity and water into high purity hydrogen and oxygen, and when needed back to power.

Reactive Technologies is an energy tech company providing grid operators and renewable asset owners with market-leading and mission-critical technology solutions to accelerate the clean energy transition.

Sense is a technology company that specializes in developing and distributing tracking devices and home automation solutions for its customers.

SkySpecs offers an automated drone inspection service and analytics platform that allows for repeatability, high-quality data, and safer inspections.

Sure Chill offers a refrigeration and energy storage technology that cools for weeks without power. By harnessing the unique properties of water, it allows continual cooling at a perfect 4ºC, anywhere in the world.

Telensa makes wireless smart city control applications, including the world’s most widely deployed smart streetlight solution. Telensa’s solutions also provide a low-cost platform to add multiple city-wide sensor applications.

TeraWatt Technology a spinoff of SF Motors Inc. (d.b.a SERES), develops ultra-high energy density next-gen lithium-ion batteries for diverse electrified applications.

Voltalis is a major provider of demand response services. The company has already rolled out and operated 1 million devices in a 100,000 homes and buildings to its demand control platform enabling energy savings.

2019 Cohort


Connected Energy provide energy storage units comprised of second-life EV batteries for use in commercial, industrial, and utility applications.

EVBOX build easy-to-use and durable charging solutions (hardware and software) for electric cars. It has provided 50,000+ charge points in over 30 countries, making it Europe’s largest charging solution provider.

Heliatek make Organic Solar Films, a flexible and light solar panel for the building industry that can be installed on many more surfaces than traditional PV modules.

KiWi Power is the UK’s leading demand response aggregator, working with system operators like National Grid to reduce electricity consumption at peak times and create a cleaner, more cost-effective grid.


Edge Electrons have designed a range of energy efficiency and monitoring technology solutions for grids, businesses and homes.

eMotorWerks (now part of Enel X’s e-mobility solutions group) offer a complete line of smart electric vehicle charging stations and custom solutions and allow their customers to control their EV fleet’s charging schedules with the advanced IoT platform, JuiceNet Enterprise.

Energisme is a software platform that provides its customers with predictive modeling tools and an ecosystem of partners to anticipate and optimize their energy consumption.

EO Charging designs and manufactures EV charging stations and smart software for homes, fleets and destinations.

Ezzing Solar have developed an “all-in-one” software solution that simplifies solar PV sales and allows companies to develop and be profitable in providing distributed generation.

Green Energy Options (GEO) focuses on the energy element of the smart home. Their aim is to use their smart energy devices to help customers save money on their energy bills.

Hubject provide a digital B2B marketplace for connecting different market players in order to create a digital and cross-border charging network for electric vehicles – the intercharge network. Over 140,000 charge points on three continents are connected to their platform.

Kaluza provides a platform to securely connect, control, and optimise a wide range of IoT enabled flexible assets.

Lumenaza‘s “utility-in-a-box” software connects producers and consumers of locally produced renewable power so they can build up a regional, communal and transparent supply with green electricity.

Next Kraftwerke‘s virtual power plant software-as-a-service solution NEMOCS allows clients to aggregate, monitor and manage thousands of decentralized energy resources in a very performant, reliable and beneficial manner.

Open Energi manage distributed energy to radically reduce electricity costs and provide flexible capacity to enable a 100% renewable energy system.

Power Ledger have designed a blockchain-enabled energy trading platform that can be used to buy and sell electricity in real time as well as measuring, reporting and validating renewable generation certificates.

Solargis provide solar and meteorological data, energy-calculation software and consultancy for developers, investors and operators of solar power plants.

Switchd provides electricity and gas retail customers with a software service to automatically switch their energy supply to the best energy deal, saving them time and hundreds of pounds per year.

tiko operates a unique software platform that brings retail electricity customers the power of a virtual power plant and smart home energy management system designed to connect and control residential and SME assets.

Virta provide homes and businesses with a connection to smart charging stations and charging networks for their electric vehicles.

2018 Cohort


Brill Power develops intelligent battery management technology to increase the lifetime and reliability of lithium-ion battery packs for grid-scale energy storage and electric vehicles.

Powervault develop an intelligent, affordable electricity storage system for the home, which reduces customers’ electricity bills by enabling them to store and use free solar energy or cheap, off-peak electricity.


Ecoppia’s cloud-based robotic solar panel cleaning platform keeps panels in large-scale solar energy installations operating at peak performance year-round – optimising production, reducing operational costs, and positively impacting overall return on investment.

Howz helps utilities drive engagement with a growing segment of their customers – older people – by linking their use of energy to their daily activity and their well-being.
Limejump is a technology-driven utility, using big data and the Cloud to create a unique Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that enables generators, energy storage and businesses to access the same market opportunities as large power stations.
Meshcrafts is a tech company developing software for e-mobility and energy management with a perspective on Smart City, Smart Grid and Smart Transportation.
The Pavegen technology is a multifunctional custom flooring system. As people step on the tiles, their weight causes electromagnetic induction generators to vertically displace, which results in a rotatory motion that generates off-grid electricity.
The Piclo Platform is an online marketplace for peer-to-peer energy and flexibility trading.
SolarCoin is a blockchain-based commodity like air miles for solar power generation. It is available globally to solar power producers at the rate of 1SLR per MWh of validated solar power produced.
ubitricity has developed a unique and market leading approach to Electrical Vehicle charging. SimpleSockets enable charging infrastructure to be set up anywhere EVs park. The SmartCable enables the user to bring their own mobile energy tariff to the charging point.