Ventures Webinar - 27 August 2020

Every two weeks we invite some of the world’s leading companies to present at our deep-dive, live webinars.

With an audience comprised of prominent venture capital investors, energy utilities, investment firms, and oil & gas companies, ENECHANGE Insight Ventures gives early stage companies the opportunity to showcase demos, present case studies, share collaboration proposals, make early-investor announcements, and outline plans for working with international partners.

On this occasion, two ventures presented:

  • Pexapark is a Swiss company providing software and services to generate revenues and manage risks for the commercial lifecycle of industrial-scale renewable assets, such as solar, onshore and offshore wind. Pexapark’s solutions enable over 8GW of PPA transactions in more than 20 European countries and the US.
  • Origami Energy provides a platform allowing energy companies to monitor and visualise data from physical energy-using, -storing and -generating assets. The platform links this information up with real-time data on weather forecasts, trading opportunities and commercial markets to enable investment and financial decisions.

Webinar agenda

Pexapark (Switzerland) – PPA
Company overview – 10 minutes
Presentation by Pexapark – 20 minutes
Q&A – 10 minutes
Origami Energy (UK) – Energy asset monitoring
Company overview – 10 minutes
Presentation by Origami Energy – 20 minutes
Q&A – 10 minutes
If you would like more information about our webinar series please don’t hesitate to get in touch.